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Google Experimenting With Voice Search on

Google is allowing some users to search the web by voice on their desktop browsers, a spokesperson from the company confirmed to us today in an email. Selected users are shown a little grey microphone at the end of the search box. The experiment was first mentioned by San Francisco’s Matt Schlicht, social product lead at live streaming video service Ustream, and was written up by the blog Mashable. (Turns out Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable posted on this even earlier, this morning.)

Voice search may or may not come to the desktop browser version of Google beyond this experiment, but it would good for Google’s long term interests if it did. Would it be good for users? Do you want to use voice input for search when you have access to a full keyboard, as opposed to a little Android phone? I suspect for many people the size of a keyboard is a less limiting factor than comfort using it for input. Voice search on the desktop could change the nature of peoples’ search queries and provide a lot more speech data for Google to analyze and learn from.

Posted by: Gaukrodger | July 13, 2010

Alexa is giving info about

Check out this link: Alexa is showing information about – this is a good thing for

Posted by: Gaukrodger | June 16, 2009

Google has just died

Well you don’t see that everyday:


At 9:31am went down – at 9:32am it came back up again.

Posted by: Gaukrodger | December 3, 2008

48hourcanvas goes live has been setup with a bit of help from Talentshare.

People can upload their photos and 48hourcanvas will print them on large scale, high quality canvas to put up in your house. The photos can be off anything – your friends, family, pets, a holiday image or simply to show off your creativity.

If you click the link at the top of this post and use this code (FF0101) when ordering you can get a 20% on us…

Posted by: Gaukrodger | November 5, 2008

Google Keyword Tool not working

This is the second time I have tried to use the external keyword tool and it’s not been working. Even when I log into my adwords account it still comes up with the same problem (see) below.


There isn’t any information on Google about this and I do think it needs sorting because I can’t do my job properly without it. There used to be a whole heap of SEO tools online but Google has stopped these from working properly. If you are going to do this Google then please make sure that your internal tools are up to scratch.

Posted by: Gaukrodger | October 31, 2008

Talentshare has launched

Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to say that a new blog I have been working on has just launched:

Talentshare – Share your art, design, music and photography. It’s a blog for people to showcase their creative talents and exchange talents with other people in the hope of getting projects completed. For example if you are a band and you are looking for someone to make you a music video then you can use Talentshare. Or if you are a writer looked for an illustrator then you can also use Talentshare.

I think you will like it – please check it out…

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I’ve just been IM’ed from a friend from university saying #username# Hey check out the pics from the crazy party!! they are nuts LOL! go here to see The thing was that my friend wasn’t online at the time and the link takes you to a scam website:



On this website they ask you to sign in with your username and password – giving the website complete access to your email and IM account. At this point they message all the people in your address book the same message I just received.

With them being able to access your account they can send emails from you and check you personal messages.


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Update: Linkedin is down

Linkedin is back up again but as yet no word from them on what the problem was.

1 hour and 10 minutes!!!

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Linkedin is Down

Linkedin is down in the UK – and has been for some time.

Linkedin is Down

Linkedin is Down

Will follow with more info.

Posted by: Gaukrodger | May 15, 2008

Last Night’s Mayhem in Manchester

Walking through the streets at 11 O’Clock this morning, a lot of the rubbish might have been piled up and the cleanup operation might be in full throngs, but the blood will remain on the floor of the city centre for a long time to come.

Blame is being placed on the council and the police after last night’s UEFA Cup Final between Glasgow Rangers and Zenit St. Petersburg but why not take a minute to blame the clowns responsible for the violence, their behaviour was selfish and immoral.

This morning I found a keyring on the floor that had been broken off someone’s key chain. It was a picture of a child. The people injured are someone’s loved ones – and the injury count isn’t limited the football fans is it the police as well. The police who were remarkable to walk into the crowd last night and do the best they could when they were clearly outnumbered.

It is all well and good to say the council and the police should have been better prepared in hindsight. But really could any of us have predicted what erupted last night? Between 100 to 150 thousand Rangers supporters turned up in Manchester yesterday – by lunchtime the streets were a wash of blue and the atmosphere was, in no way, a party in progress. My friend said she drove into the city centre and then straight back out again because of the fear that trouble would erupt. There was alcohol everywhere – children were walking down one of the main streets that join Salford and Manchester carrying crates of beers and adults were stopped on the street corners pouring out water from bottles only to replace it with alco-pops.

My favourite sound bite on the news was when a man from Glasgow gave an analogy about it being like if the groom didn’t show for the wedding; I certainly hope if my other half doesn’t show up on the day that I will not then beat the hell out of all my guests. He went on to sympathise with the angry Rangers fans to say they were bound not to be ‘best pleased’. If that’s not best pleased what the hell is angry like.

I would like to say that even after seeing a mountain of blue shirts involved in some of the disturbing scenes from last night, I have no doubt there are a mountain more that are thoroughly ashamed of those responsible for the carnage.

As for Manchester last night the seams were bursting on the city, but they didn’t rip. I have seen masses of people today of all ages involved in the clean up and I take my hat off to them because it is people like that, that do and will continue to keep this city a great place to be.

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